Knit a Woolly Tea Cosy

Every tea lover adores a tea party, any good tea party needs a tea-pot; and every tea-pot needs a cosy. These are the three principles of tea. As a prolific tea-drinker, I am lucky enough to have a beautiful blue vintage tea-pot (image coming soon!) as part of a tea set, which makes for a rather fabulous afternoon tea (… also breakfast, morning, and evening tea), but until now I didn’t have a cosy. Tea dilemma!

Enter, my mum:

Jane gallagher

Darn Crafty mum

When my daughter said that she would love to have a pineapple tea cosy (and who wouldn’t), I thought I would be able to find one to buy quite easily. Ebay yielded lots of hits, but when I checked the items out they all turned out to be patterns to make a cosy.

No one seemed to be selling ready-made woolly cosies. I hadn’t done any knitting for years and years, so I discounted this at first – but then I thought, why not? A recently fractured kneecap had stopped me getting around as much and I was in need of a new hobby.

So – I paid an Ebay seller  for a pattern, got myself some size 4mm needles and some wool, and started off. The first problem was that after all these years, I couldn’t even remember how to knit! I think my mother must have got thoroughly fed up with the phone calls –‘how do I cast on?’, ‘how do I increase a stitch?’, ‘how do I change to a new ball of wool?’. Where even I felt too foolish to ask another question, I just made it up as I went along; and amazingly, it all turned out okay in the end!! It fits snugly over the teapot, and looks like a pineapple!!

Tea cosy

To make the tea cosy you will need:

  1. The knitting pattern – these are widely available on Ebay. It was £1.85 + £1.00 postage for the pattern I used. (I was a bit disappointed that this was just a photocopy and not the original pattern, depending on the market for pineapple tea cosy knitting patterns, the seller could be making a fortune!)
  2. A pair of 4 mm needles – mine cost £2.19
  3. 2 balls of yellow and one green  – £3.47 altogether as a minimum order meant I bought a bit more than I needed (I think I have enough left to make another one!)
  4. To be able to knit… or at least have access to someone who does! Remember that Stitch London holds regular knitting classes – for free! 

My needles and wool were both from Deramores, but you’ll find them in any craft shop.

Total cost – around £8.50

I have the knitting bug now, and my latest project is a woolly jumpy for myself – phone lines to Mum have reopened.

Guest post by Jane Gallagher (A Darn Crafty mum)


4 Responses to “Knit a Woolly Tea Cosy”
  1. Ianthe Butt says:

    This is so cool. I quite want one, I think your Mum should start a business selling them on ebay, gap in market, spotted.x

  2. Jane Blogs says:

    Wow, that’s fantastic. Your mum is amazing & you’re one lucky daughter 😀

    I also read that you’ve found a great free group to learn knitting.
    Wish we had one of those where I live 😉

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