Dinner and Decoupage

The business of the evening was dinner and decoupage; or rather dinner, drinks and decoupage. Well more accurately; wine, take-away pizza and decoupage, at Kat and Lamby’s flat.

This was serious. A parental visit loomed. Obviously visits from one’s parents are are normally a joy, but this one prompted mild panic. Action was needed to fix a deviant table kitchen table. In it’s previous life this pine table-top had been unbearably plain. So dull in fact it had prompted alcohol induced abuse in order to liven it up a bit. Felt tip pen and biro conspired with drunken hand to form rude cartoons and offensive scribbles. There were countless flashes of brilliance; poetry and illustration, but the c*** references outnumbered the insightful quotes and fantastic visions of My Little Pony. In short, the table was unfit for parental eyes. It had been fun, but now it was an embarrassment that a table-cloth just couldn’t hide. The only solution was widely accepted. We had to decoupage the table top, and we were excited.

It was really very easy. We had decoupage glue, but regular PVA would do as well, and we each brought along a stack of magazines. The process was pretty straight forward. We ripped out any cool, atmospheric, and inspiring images out of the mags; and when we had enough, we started sticking.

Just to add extra funk we sprinkled a little glitter on the glue and added some gold leaf. Perfect. After the evening was finished we still weren’t done; Kat and Lamby finished it off later on. Now complete it looks categorically awesome AND totally parent friendly.

As the table top is a work surface and needs regular cleaning, it needs to be varnished. After that’s dry you can happily use I as you would any other table. Of course, this table looks far prettier than just any other table.

To decoupage your table you will need:

  1. A table (or alternative item of furniture)
  2. Decoupage glue or PVA
  3. Brush
  4. Magazines (no scissors required, the ripped look builds a better texture)
  5. Varnish (It may need several coats)

N.B I have read online that little rolling pins and sometimes toothpicks are used to smooth out the wrinkles in the paper. By all means do this, however, I found that as long as you don’t apply to much glue this is not necessary.


(This is really simple)

  1. Find images you like in magazines, newspapers and birthday cards and rip them out
  2. Start sticking!
  3. Apply a small amount of glue with the brush to the back of the paper you want to stick. Get the right amount; too much glue and the paper will wrinkle, too little and it wont stick
  4. You want a certain amount of overlap between the different bits of paper, but not so much to cover the images
  5. To add glitter, paste a small amount of glue on top of a dried area and sprinkle on the glitter
  6. To add gold leaf, paste a small amount of glue onto a dry or drying decoupage and stick on the gold leaf
  7. Don’t worry if you don’t stick a piece of paper in the right place straight away, you’ve got a little bit of time to re-position bits if you don’t get it right first time
  8. When you have covered the table top, wait for it to dry
  9. Then to finish off add at least a coat of varnish to make it wipe-clean-able
  10. Sit back and relax, proud in the knowledge that you have got yourself a brand new table-top!

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