Drawer Knobs and Shoe Strings

Sunny weather, yes!  Ice cream and Easter eggs, yes and yes; but, If anyone had told me last week that I would be getting uber excited about knobs- or more accurately, door knobs, cupboard handles and drawer pulls- well then I would think them simple.

But it is Thursday morning and here we are; I am racing down the stairs to greet the delivery man; the great bearer of the brand new drawer pulls.

How did it come to this? After the purchase of an IKEA shoe-store thingummy, a practical shoe-tidier-awayer item of furniture, there was a period of satisfaction. There was a storage problem that  now with reliable Swedish design know-how.

It was three days before the niggles began. The problem was that it was too generic, sooo boring looking; there was something just a bit too, well, IKEA, about it. Every glance at it reaffirmed my own lack of creativity and originality. These are the demons I must live with. There may, I guess, be a support group for people like me: My name is Katherine and I am never satisfied with the final results of flat-pack furniture.

However, like all alternative thinkers, I am utterly convinced that my way is best. I believe passionately that your home should be personal to you.  Yet IKEA does hold many answers to questions of affordable household space-saving.  Hmmmn. For all those coping with similar inner struggles between ease and aesthetics then I may have the answer. Knobs.

I will explain. Of course in an ideal world antique and retro furniture would not be so expensive, my parents and grandparents would have kept all of their fantastic old furniture, hand-crafted and well-made contemporary furniture would be more affordable, and the Victorians would have used flip-down shoe cupboard storage.

This is not the case, but I can always improvise. Very fairly priced hand cast dimpled iron drawer pulls have just landed in my hands from one of many online door knob stores. Once the IKEA shoe-storer is stripped of the little generic knobs it came with, and kitted out with these beauties, it will immediately raise its stature as a piece of furniture.

It will never be able to shed its IKEA shell and become a precious vintage pearl; but now at least it will look the part. Every time I open those drawers I will feel the tactile quality of the iron on my fingers and that part of me that demands ingenuity and imagination will be appeased.

These drawer pulls came from the Door Knocker Company

But several other great sites include:

Brass Cabinet Fittings

Black Country Metal


Get knob altering!


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