Wrapped-Up Bookcase


Make a boring bookcase your own by wrapping it up in patterned paper, like a present. Lovely.

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape

This little tip is perfect for anyone living in a furnished rented flat, or anyone whose home is populated with pine monstrosities, dontated by generous- if misguided- relatives.

Wrapping up your bookcase:


 1. Grab your paper of choice…

 2. Wrap the paper loosely around your bookcase and fasten it (to itself) at the wall side of the furniture

Fastening the paper to itself, and not the bookcase, means that you won’t leave a mark on the wood. So, when you take off the paper; when moving out or giving the furniure back to it’s original owner; the bookcase remains undamaged underneath-  Darnthrifty is always striving to be landlord friendly.


Good quality, thick wrapping paper is brightening up this bookcase, but you could just as easily use wallpaper offcuts, or coloured and painted card.

One Response to “Wrapped-Up Bookcase”
  1. This is a rather dashing book case indeed!

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