Picture Collage Birthday Card

Things to grab from around the house before you start:
  • Stiff, foldable, stand-up-able card
  • A magazine
  • Some brown parcel paper
  • A black felt pen (or a pencil, there are no rules here)
  • Glue (spray mount is best, but Pritstick or PVA works too)
  • A handy pair of scissors

Now for the birthday card:

1.  Cut and fold your card to whatever size you want

2.  Find a two-page spread pretty pattern in your gloss magazine (Fashion adverts are great for this)

3.  Cut the pattern into thin strips

4 . Stick the strips to the card (inside and out), it looks better if you muddle up the pattern…

Leave the glue to dry…

5.  Tear a section of brown paper and writehappy birthday on it in the black pen

6.  Stick it to the front of the card…

7.  When this is dry, write your lovely birthday message!

… and THEN make a congratulatory cup of tea to celebrate making such a pretty card, without spending a penny.

2 Responses to “Picture Collage Birthday Card”
  1. Parissa says:

    I love this idea, cards are so expensive and making your own which is personalised is much more thoughtful and a great way to save money, i am definately following these instructions for the next birthday!

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