Floating Bookcases

Most crafters love a good read and a bookcase filled with literature is the quickest way to make a room feel homey. As a card-carrying book-worm I think books need to be given pride of place, but in small flats space can be an issue. I guess the solution is to create the feeling of … Continue reading

Knit a Woolly Tea Cosy

Every tea lover adores a tea party, any good tea party needs a tea-pot; and every tea-pot needs a cosy. These are the three principles of tea. As a prolific tea-drinker, I am lucky enough to have a beautiful blue vintage tea-pot (image coming soon!) as part of a tea set, which makes for a … Continue reading

Indulgent Easter Nests

Craft isn’t always about glue and paper, there are times when any crafter needs something to nibble on. Easter is one of those times. I remember making these Easter nests at school. Making the mixture (and eating the mixture) was as much part of the fun as what you did when the nests were finished. … Continue reading

Dinner and Decoupage

The business of the evening was dinner and decoupage; or rather dinner, drinks and decoupage. Well more accurately; wine, take-away pizza and decoupage, at Kat and Lamby’s flat. This was serious. A parental visit loomed. Obviously visits from one’s parents are are normally a joy, but this one prompted mild panic. Action was needed to fix … Continue reading

Framing Decoupage

Frames traditionally surround things like photos, mirrors, artwork, and poetry; but they don’t have to play a mere supporting role to the main event. A frame conservator once told me:“lots of people forget about them, but frames to me are pieces of art in their own right”. I agree. A really beautiful frame can enhance the space … Continue reading

IKEA Hackers

Guilt. According to the online dictionary the definition of guilt is as follows: – noun 1. the fact or state of having committed an offense, crime,violation, or wrong 2. a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime,wrong, etc., whether real or imagined. 3. conduct involving the commission of such crimes, wrongs,etc.: to live a life of guilt. –verb (used with object) Informal . 4. to cause to feel guilty Okay, so I don’t feel remorse for a crime, but I do feel I should come clean on something; customising IKEA furniture. I have done it, ran with it, embraced it, and written of it; … Continue reading

Drawer Knobs and Shoe Strings

Sunny weather, yes!  Ice cream and Easter eggs, yes and yes; but, If anyone had told me last week that I would be getting uber excited about knobs- or more accurately, door knobs, cupboard handles and drawer pulls- well then I would think them simple. But it is Thursday morning and here we are; I … Continue reading

Revamped Butchers Block

IKEA furniture – it’s cheap, ubiquitous, and astoundingly practical. So describes the love/hate relationship I have with the furniture giant. It is affordable, but generic. Impeccably utilitarian, shiny and appealing; but invariably constructed of cheap MDF plywood with a dubious life expectancy. Besides, each immaculately presented item will be owned by thousands of other Brits … Continue reading

Wrapped-Up Bookcase

  Make a boring bookcase your own by wrapping it up in patterned paper, like a present. Lovely. You will need: Paper Scissors Masking tape This little tip is perfect for anyone living in a furnished rented flat, or anyone whose home is populated with pine monstrosities, dontated by generous- if misguided- relatives. Wrapping up your bookcase: … Continue reading

Picture Collage Birthday Card

Things to grab from around the house before you start: Stiff, foldable, stand-up-able card A magazine Some brown parcel paper A black felt pen (or a pencil, there are no rules here) Glue (spray mount is best, but Pritstick or PVA works too) A handy pair of scissors Now for the birthday card: 1.  Cut and fold … Continue reading